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Updated 11 December 2008

JCSE Team,

As the holiday season fast approaches, I want to thank you for all you have done for our Nation and our Element over the past year – each and every one of you should be proud.  I have only two standing orders for the holidays.  First, to use an old airborne term, ‘take a knee’ and spend some time with your family.   From 22 December until 05 January, we will implement a day on, day off schedule – take advantage of this time to simply relax, spend time with family and friends, and reflect on the many blessings our great Nation affords us.  Second, be safe – you are our Nation’s most precious resource and we need each of you back safe and sound after the holidays.  More importantly, your loved ones need you to be safe – if you ever need a ride, call the JNOC and they will arrange transportation for you.

I hope that all of you with kids, or those who are just “kids at heart,” had a chance to get out to the Children’s Holiday Party last Saturday.  As always, our great folks in CSD put on a simply superb event and, by all accounts, it was the largest kids’ Holiday Party in recent memory.  Tomorrow, December 12th, it’s time for the adults to have some fun – the Element Holiday Party begins at 1800 at the Tampa Convention Center, and the response has been overwhelming.  Our Holiday Party promises to be a memorable event and affords us the opportunity to come together as an Element and let our hair down…..enjoy!

For those of you deployed down range during the holiday season, please know that you and your families are constantly in our thoughts and prayers.  Over the holidays, ensure you keep in touch with your families near and far – you’re making a difference when it matters, and I simply can’t thank you enough.  Stay safe, and I look forward to seeing many of you over the holidays.  And for those family members waiting back here at home, we need to pause and thank them for their own personal service and sacrifice, especially during this time of the year.  We’re proud of our families, just as I’m proud of each of you – they are vital to our success.

In the future, I will post command messages routinely on the portal – every 2-3 weeks at a minimum.  Again, my intent is to flatten the organization and ensure you know what I know.  Continue to use the Element suggestion box; we have had many great suggestions and, most importantly, we have been able to take action on many of them to make our Element better. 

Ann and I wish you and your families a very happy and safe holiday season.  It is an honor to be on your team and, as always, thank you for all you do for our Nation and our Element each and every day. 


John Morrison







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