UH-60 Paratroopers flying over MacDill AFBFundamental to the success of JCSE throughout its 45 year history has been its trained, dedicated, professional people. That fundamental remains true today. With the advent of IP technologies, JCSE has been at the forefront of transformation to a lighter and leaner, yet more robust and effective support option. This places increased leadership emphasis on the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines of the Non-Commissioned Officer Corps at the team level.

The JCSE NCO is the critical component for the success of the Element’s mission. JCSE NCOs’ participate in planning and operational support at a level that previously would have been the domain of more senior personnel. NCOs’ and junior enlisted personnel at JCSE pass through a screening process to ensure they are up to the task. They receive technical and leadership training from the service schools, as well as additional training from industry. Continual emphasis is place on planning, training, and execution at the team level. JCSE NCOs’ have exceptional flexibility in identifying those areas they want additional training in, and in designing those training programs.

Commissioned officer’s from all service branches’ bring a wide variety of experience and expertise. They provide the leadership, guidance and resources and direction to JCSE operations as well as manage the tempo of operations. Additionally, JCSE maintains a core of dedicated professional civilian and contract personnel who provide specialized technical expertise and management skills to JCSE operations.









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