Information for submitting a Visitor Access Request

If you are planning to visit JCSE and need to have your clearance forwarded/verified, please submit your Visitor Access Request (VAR) utilizing the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) to:

• SMO: MA3NFXMX3 (collateral).

• SMO: USTC-JCSE (non-collateral).

If you do not have ready access to JPAS, you may also send a FAX request to:

• (813) 828-1787 (Unclassified)

For assistance after normal duty hours, please contact (813) 828-5273 or (813) 828-0552 (DSN 968-XXXX)

Mailing Address:
8532 Marina Bay Drive
MacDill AFB, FL 33621-5504







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